The ball dropped… The party is over

It’s 3 AM and just the thought of removing your New Year’s Eve makeup is exhausting.  Creating that extra glamorous makeup look with glitter, lashes, and a bold lip was fun …but it has come to an end. We all know the pain!   And we all know that before falling into bed we have to remove our makeup.

One thing that I know can help with the pain of this exhausting night time routine is a makeup remover I am obsessed with!




I have very sensitive skin, and have had no issues with this remover at all! It wipes away all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. No burning, irritation or oil left in your eyes!

This remover is actually a micellar water which means it his “tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water.”   It is a non rinse formula, so when it’s 3 am on New Year’s Eve you don’t have to worry about washing it off!

This is my second bottle of Bioderma.  I use it every night to remove my eye makeup, and sometimes in the morning I will apply to a cotton ball for a quick way to clean my entire face when I am running late.

So, don’t forget to take that makeup off ladies! No excuses!


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