Let me upgrade you

Why have I spent years and years buying those ugly emery boards from the drug store?!  I had never thought of any other option for filing my nails and I honestly thought that’s all there was.  But, I am happy to tell you we can do better and friends, it’s time to upgrade!


I purchased a “Classy Lady” crystal nail file from Amazon for $10.89.

So far I am very happy with this purchase!  It files my nails quickly and gently with smoother results.  Because this Classy Lady is glass you can wash it off with soapy water making this type of file more hygienic in comparison to an emery board.  Bacteria and fungus is not a good look, so the cleanliness of a nail file is important!

They say that crystal nail files will last forever and never wears out.  I have only had it for a little while, so I can’t say but other reviewers do agree that it lasts for a long time.  The thing I hated the most about the emery boards was that it seemed like they would get worn out so quickly!  So, a $10.89 purchase that’s supposed to last a lifetime seems worth it to me.

This file also comes with a sleek case.  A case is important for a crystal nail file because if you drop it you break it!

I am so happy I finally made the upgrade!  Not only is this file effective, gentle, and hygienic: it is stylish too, and that is just as important!



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