All the candlelight shined just for me and you

Whenever I get home from work I always love to light a candle.  It creates a calmness in the home and makes me feel relaxed… or maybe that’s the rosé …!

But seriously this candle is my favorite candle ever.  I have repurchased it so many times and will continue to do so.  The brand is called Sensational and the scent is “Green Tea”  This candle is better than any Yankee candle I have ever had.  So many times I’ll buy a candle and I feel like you can’t really smell it.  Well not with this baby!


You can find these candles in Marshall’s and TJMaxx for $7.99.


Brown paper packages tied up with strings… These are a few of my favorite things!

Merry Christmas!!!

I am so excited to share with you the way I gift wrap presents!   It is super easy, but looks so much more personal! I tend to love rustic decor especially around Christmas time, and especially when it comes to gift wrap.


These are some of the presents I wrapped for my husband Tony and here is a list of what you need to be the star at holiday parties:

Craft paper



Tissue Paper

Stamps and ink pad

Foliage from the outdoors

Wrap the presents and stamp cute nicknames or something meaningful that you share with the person the gift is for. I like to put candies on the presents for my nieces and nephew.  You can really be creative and use personal touches that mean a lot to your friends and family.   I honestly think this gift wrapping is much cheaper than buying those small rolls at the store that run out so quickly and it looks more thoughtful!

I hope you had a holiday filled with magic!

Be a wildflower and do something different!

Girls, girls, girls!  You can make your own wedding bouquet and save yourself a TON of money! I had a very simple wedding because in my mind there was no way I could justify spending it all for one day! Even if you are having a dream wedding here is a way you can save yourself some cash!

Go to a flower market, order them online, or go to your local grocery stores and pick up flowers that you would like to use for your arrangement.  You will also need rubber bands, ribbon and pins. I went on YouTube where you can find many videos showing step by step tutorials for a DIY wedding bouquet!

I personally went to a couple grocery stores and bought any flowers that fit the image I had in mind of what I wanted my bouquet to look like.  When you begin making the bouquet you can add or take out as you see needed, so having options is always a good thing.  Plus, extra fresh flowers around the house can’t hurt and in fact is great Feng Shui! Go to a craft store to get your ribbon and pins.

There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube, I may even make my own… But for now here are some pictures of my bouquet because well obviously I was very proud of it and to show you that you can have a professional looking bouquet without spending a fortune. Ohh and I loved every second making it! I hope you do too!

Danielle's iphone 394


If you would like to see a step by step tutorial let me know!

xoxo Danielle