Rose Tone

Hey Beauties!

I have always wanted to try the Thayers Witch Hazel, but I could never find it in any drugstores.  I finally bought it from Amazon and have been using every morning and night.  So far, I am really loving it!  My sensitive skin has no issues with it … and that’s saying a lot! I’ve tried the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel, but that always made my skin feel dried out.  So, if you are looking for a toner that’s gentle and alcohol free I would highly recommend.  After I use Thayers my skin feels clean and soft, but not stripped of moisture.  It smells like roses which I like, but that’s the only thing I could see people having an issue with.

A great product worth trying!



Another reason to love the cocoa bean!

Obviously the first reason is chocolate!

Second reason… Cocoa Butter!

Cocoa butter keeps skin moisturized and has natural antioxidants.


 Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant moisturizer smells good and absorbs into my skin quickly which I love because I hate moisturizers that make me feel greasy.   It also doesn’t irritate my skin at all!

Although this is a great product… I am always interested in finding something better!

Do you have any moisturizers you swear by?!

Best Bath Ever !

Lush Bath Bombs!

They make your bath a magical experience…glitter, colors, swirls, and fizz…!


The bath bombs I chose were: intergalactic, twilight, dragon’s egg, and honey bee.  I am sure everyone has seen online pictures/videos of these bath bombs in action. It’s amazing!  Intergalactic is one that I think has the craziest colors, which is why I needed two!  One was for my 3 year old nephew who I think is going to be obsessed and probably won’t want to take baths without these… oops!

I think these are great gifts for anyone, especially kids!

And as an adult I am pretty obsessed myself.   The scents are relaxing and the fresh ingredients leave your skin super soft!

Evian H2Oh my God !

The famous Evian Facial Spray.  I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same thing too.  It’s just water in a can… What’s all the excitement about?

I’ll tell ya!


The Evian Facial spray is an innovative way to moisturize your skin.  And for my dry skin I’ll take all the moisture I can get! Moisturized skin looks refreshed and young which is achieved through our little friend H2O!

I love the Evian spray because I don’t have to worry about it clogging my pores and it’s simply mineral water in packaging done right!  I love that I can just spray my face for quick moisture and freshness. My skin feels hydrated and soft!  You can even set your makeup with it!




Creme de la creme

We are now in the dead of winter and my skin is dry dry dry! I was all over the internet looking for a good moisturizer for my body and hands. Of course the moisturizer with fabulous reviews was Creme de la Mer, but unfortunately this girl cannot afford that luxury. I know how tragic!

So, “dupe” life is the life I know… and that’s okay!  I don’t think I could ever justify spending $170.00 for 2 oz of sea kelp.  Maybe one day!

Anyway, I did some research and found that people compare Nivea Creme to Creme de la Mer.


So, if you know me you know I love samples!! I purchased this little tin of Nivea Creme for 99 cents at the grocery store and I am impressed!  This creme is extremely thick and a little goes a long way! It definitely is the winner for keeping my hands soft and moisturized.  I have read of people using it on their face, but that would scare me! I feel like it could clog your pores, but you never know! There are no rules in beauty! If I were to ever try my face I would do a small spot first just to make sure it doesn’t break me out.

I would love to use this as my moisturizer on the go, but the tin doesn’t shut tightly and that would be a huge mess in my Celine bag if it opened ( Just kidding I obviously don’t own a Celine bag either!) But it would be a huge mess in my Olivia and Joy bag.

Overall this is a great cream for hands and body!  The best moisturizing cream I have ever used. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cream without spending too much!

The Nivea Creme will have to do until the day I can use Creme de la Mer and carry a Celine bag.  A girl can dream can’t she?!

Fall in love

B E C C A   Shimmering Skin Perfector

unnamedHighlighting has become the big thing in beauty recently and I can understand why.  Highlight gives your skin a beautiful glow that adds a nice finishing touch. I bought this product after watching one of Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube videos.  If you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is, then I feel bad for you.  She is an incredible makeup artist who I will admit I am totally obsessed with!  Go check her out!

I bought this highlighter in the shade Opal.  It is a beautiful shade and the formula  just makes your cheekbones have that glow you want! I apply my foundation and then put just a small dab of the highlight on my beauty blender and apply to my cheekbones.

Now, go shine bright like a diamond!