All the candlelight shined just for me and you

Whenever I get home from work I always love to light a candle.  It creates a calmness in the home and makes me feel relaxed… or maybe that’s the rosé …!

But seriously this candle is my favorite candle ever.  I have repurchased it so many times and will continue to do so.  The brand is called Sensational and the scent is “Green Tea”  This candle is better than any Yankee candle I have ever had.  So many times I’ll buy a candle and I feel like you can’t really smell it.  Well not with this baby!


You can find these candles in Marshall’s and TJMaxx for $7.99.


Wine Not

It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to change… and so does our nail polish!  It’s time to put away the pastels of summer, and bring out the deep reds of fall.  A perfect nail color for this season is “Wine Not” by Sally Hansen.  It’s a beautiful shade of red that looks classy and elegant. Definitely one of my all time favorites!  What are some of your favorite colors for the fall?

Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to go enjoy my glass of wine that matches my nail color perfectly!


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